środa, 16 listopada 2016

the adventure begins

0808 eyes open already time to go to the corporation but the road that leads to it is "Seme d'embuches"
Today, the note will have as actors
Mrs. Kuzka and her beret
Sam and its owners
Dodi and its drink
Corporation and I
Muse will turn on, Boog goes Belsunce breakdown ogolićm time to go to all the little scratches, heavy sleep.
Two steps to the kitchen I may not speak less look for cereals with strawberries but rather look at the empty container, turn away eye to the left eye to the right breakfast so it ended
Yogurt lajt (let's trends, says Metropol), crisp and raspberry jam.
Biore plaść waxes shoes, and the adventure begins
After the mud that dominates the square Zawisza I see it
He's next to me, tall red, he rushes, and I followed him
I almost did not wywalłem but did
I caught the tram and from the window I see the advertisement for drinks
Dodi advertises drink flavor 32
Already everything is clear.
Already stop "underground city", and I'm surprised.
I am changing Tram and jade to the South now and here I meet him
He looks deep into my eyes and nei only he, are in 2jce and this August will join Sam
and most of all are those eyes under the beret that I say
"I go out of my place"
and I am still asking themselves whether these older people know zesklepy are open all day and he will be delivery, communist times left a lot ...
And already I see it this building, quickly quickly, the same smiles around me, the same elevator, and I felt that something was missing today ...

Shock of your please!

Chapter Ten
I wish the reader does not marudził me because of too much describes certain things which, according to him, do not require such an effort on my part. Although kziazki where it speaks about traveling often are "descriptive" and so I joined just to train those kziazek.
I do not know if often read this kind of kziazek but I could cite, for example kziazki Kapuscinski, Chateaubriand, Gerard de Nerval, who had already write kziazki with long descriptions.
In this style also I wanted to recount today of my kitchen.
Betraying its own room with a kitchen, but I'm not jealous room, generally I go to the kitchen three times a day and that I prefer the moments before sleep are so cute. In such moments, I do himself Lipe with raspberry juice or some other herb and later once I go to my room who yearns for me.
The distance between my room and the kitchen is heavy to determine. I think, that is very large when there is a small worm who likes to hang around in your apartment too.
However, given the attention that they belong to a group called. "People" is more or less equates to about 3 steps.
But I have often come close to my room because of this that if I am far away from the room is przyszlowie
"Far from the eyes, far from the heart", and quickly back into the room.
Staying the same happens from there I'll get back to the room, so may be all day and all night but quickly the next day again speak. His favorite way to express it in August when the wind blows.
However, I do not like him when he cries, he suggests going to my bed where can I przetulic to kordre.
I'm in such moments when no one hears this cry.
I forgive you room Apartment 105
But the room is treated as a general thing which despite of its drawbacks accept it as it is.

Chapter eleven
Room equals the one concept which can not easily describe, however, treats him so.
It is a place which has a boundary wall.
The walls in my country are modeled various posters, posters can be found on my journey in the capital of Hungary, Indonesia where I was in the twentieth century; Next to the course a map of the French capital, where he lived for over 20 years
How many times I stared at these souvenirs!
How many days I thought about going back to Paris!
All these memories they give me so much to think.
One of these is the autograph Klenczona who hangs Krzysztof Klenczon really like him because he taught me to speak Polish, listening to music can be a lot to learn about the language.

Chapter twelve
I could actually write only wesole things about this room, however, as seen in the previous chapter already entered the details of this with something fastens room for man
Each has advantages and disadvantages but you have to accept it and look basically.

Chapter thirteen
I feel calmer already talked about sad things, I can now go back to the so-called affairs. positive. I had the opportunity to describe the wall bed, and now I would like to describe another member of the family Peace.
I feel it already gently touch it, it's long, has dark skin, reminds me of a child which has four legs. Near the wall it is a little younger than the wall but he likes podorzywac.
Office indeed, is the basis for peace over him so many things you can do, some grow in this place frolic milosne others composes thesis work, still others doing this and that ....
I had the opportunity adopotowac it, it chose a long time thinking about it or we will be able together wspopracowac, ​​imagine when some sort of action which works on the desk and suddenly a shock.
Shock of your please!
Legs fall down!
The desk is already old and must go to cmentarzui just need him to find some sort of reincarnation.

Chapter Fourteen
I would like to say something lecturer, this trip was prepared since long time, I wanted to perform this expedition, however, little time I had, I was often in the kitchen, in other countries and only recently I had the opportunity to know better the area. Worsening weather already gave me a reason to perform this difficult podroz.Jednakze not had to assume there any comfortable shoes, I took exclusively slippers, cream for skin, comfortable pants and I left myself by drinking green tea.

Is this room is not my home?

Travelling around my room (3 and last part)
Chapter Fifteen
I could podrozywac constantly popatrzac on kziazki that are on my library
Oh, no sznawalem the Library, which is close to the window and almost opposite the bed, has specificzna locations
is on the side of the room in a strategic position, thanks to its height, could observe every movement who was doing in the room
besides it is so long against a wall it becomes like a defense wall.
Kziazki which can be seen in a white piece of furniture have different themes.
You can be found "des livres" about Korea, Slavic Languages, finance, ethics, literature 19 lid, kitchen and other topics
Few people can see min. Hölderlin, Plato, Cocteau and the whole package.
The furniture in your room watches everything and have something that you do not have. When you are not in the room furniture is observing what is going on or what we do not see everything.
in this library is also a piece of furniture which can be found in the middle of different drinks so-called rates.
I remember just such a honey mead so-called Poltorak thanks to which I could podrozywac, otherwise you can find one of those of Ukrainian vodka with cranberry, light but tasty.

Chapter szestnasty
Room that I got to know the event too. Events so-called home, I had the opportunity to invite a few people in this place.
Often people come with a partner. Once it becomes that this partner is a woman, the furniture can easily look at those who are watching this people that live events which are no longer ours.
No longer becomes a partner to lie down in addition to the fun during the event.
It reminds me even when I podrozywalem in a foreign country,
the so-called foreign peace!
in this country came up with a brunette woman, quite high, complexion that resembles southern part of Europe, the hair is dark as chocolate from Ethiopia, the eyes of fire, brew tempting like a good French cheese, delicate hands like soap with Maryslii.
S. was a clever for that, not for the stubborn, not stupid, not too clever, that kind of weight on which every guy dreams.
Sometimes when August przetulila to me, even cold which was in me melted and turned on bliskawiszczna love like infatuation!
Ah infatuation, moments of youth, where are those moments?
Being a party to this, S. and I odklejilismy August and everyone talked with different people, S. almost forgot about me and I no longer kontrolawem. However, as nice when everyone comes back together in chwialach nudu for such a party and under wplywme lakoholu man becomes loved and lips of these two przeblizaja August "et ne plus qu'un Forment."
Another day I returned to this country but it was already dark, but she went S. was still room
It was dark, had still smell S. in me, but it was not.
Reason went away but the soul was.

Chapter Seventeen
Sometimes when I'm in my room, I have to wonder occasions on various topics.
Not roztaje August with the room but I have to admit that the time to go back home, but what house?
Is this room is not my home?
Room knows everything about me, slyszyl me, seen me naked, but no other judge
Maybe sometimes it has drawbacks izalety who do not have the people?
Maybe he is a man? Maybe part of us. Sometimes when you change the address is probably the poster with data opuszcicie place, I know how much it is difficult, I lived in one room of more than 14 years, I was hard to take divorce from him but I had to, I went with him to betray others.
At these words I would like to complete a journey, the night begins and again I get a chance to know a new place, room is a part of our lives and it is worth dowartowac it.
When I got out of the room eaten apple.